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Outdoor Convex Mirror

Outdoor convex mirror is equipped with high quality PP or PMMA lens, which can produce the clearest visual effect. Our high quality PP mirror back is resistant to high and low temperature and ultraviolet radiation, so it can prolong the life span of the product greatly. Due to the cap, the product can effectively avoid wind, rain, and sunshine. Moreover, installation parts, made of galvanized steel, enable the product to be adjusted 360 degrees freely. The aluminum edge promises good sealing and ensures the lens is well fixed. Besides, detailed installation manual is available. Our product is widely used in places like road, parking lot, school, and factory, etc.

The delivery date of most products is about ten days, and we will deliver product after we have received deposit or confirmed order. The shipping port is Shanghai, so transportation is quite convenient. Besides, sample is available.

Outdoor convex mirror uses a round convex mirror as its major part, which can provide a broader visual range and obvious distance feeling of scenery. The product can be installed in places like intersection and car entrance, for it can show surrounding traffic situation clearly, eliminate visual dead angle of driver, and guarantee traffic order and safety. We have various products with different sizes and models, and diameter range is from 30cm to 120cm. Different products provide different visual ranges, so customers can choose appropriate products according to intersection width and visual limitation.

Moreover, our product is firm and not easy to break. Mirror back not only protects the product but also uses orange design to attract people's attention. Due to the low cost and easy installation, our product can effectively reduce casualties and economic losses of accident-prone intersections.

Jessubond is an experienced outdoor convex mirror manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including circular reflective mirror, anti-theft convex mirror, indoor convex mirror, and more.

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