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Our company became the distributor of 3M reflective sheeting and reflective tape in 2004, and it has been the authorized agent of these two products of AVERY since 2010. Moreover, we also have established cooperative partnership with TONGMING, the biggest local reflective sheeting manufacturer, for more than ten years. Based on many years of experience in the industry, our company has developed film cutter and scraping board to stick the sheeting. Besides, we put customers' requirements in the first place and provide products and service of best quality.

This series includes letter cutter, scraping board, and so on. Reflective sheeting, which is the major product, can be affixed to the surface of road sign, vehicle, and ship, etc. The product uses reflection of light to be striking, so that observers can see it clearly from distance, and traffic safety can be guaranteed in this way. It has large size and various colors for choice, so it has wide adaptability and can be applied to signs and vehicles of all kinds of colors. Besides, the product has many grades. Different grades have different brightness and service lives, so customers can choose their favorite products.

We also have letter cutter which can cut letter on reflective film. Due to its automatic control system, this product can meet customers' requirements of lettering exactly. It is featured with easy operation, fast speed, and large lettering area. Our scraping board is a tool which eliminates dirty things on the material and improves visual effect and quality of film of the material. The product has quite small size, so it is suitable for subtle cleaning work.

Jessubond is a professional reflective sheeting, letter cutter, scraping board supplier based in China. The wide range of products we offer includes circular reflective mirror, anti-theft convex mirror, indoor convex mirror, and more.

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