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Traffic cone is designed to improve traffic safety, especially retractable ones, which are produced for increasing vehicles. There are several kinds of raw materials, such as plastic, rubber, PVC, and so on. Besides, reflector is available.

Detailed Information

Name & Material Model Size
Plastic Cone KLTCA Height 50cm/75cm/100cm
PVC Cone KLTCC Height 50cm/70cm/75cm/100cm
Oxford cloth Retractable Cone KLTCG 40cm/45cm/50cm/55cm/60cm/65cm/70cm

As an important isolation facility in road traffic, traffic cone is used to make drivers bypass constructors or dangerous areas. Our product has a round top and a square base. The base is black or red, and the upper cone is red-and-white or red, so the design is very striking. Due to the reflective design, drivers can quickly discover the product even in the night or days with rain or fog. Products of some types use LED top light to be more attractive.

Our product is firm and steady as a whole, and it is not easy to break even when hit by cars. The original color of surface and overall strength can be kept even after long-term use, for our product is resistant to water and sunshine. Customers can choose appropriate products of certain height to meet different requirements of road, hotel, community, and parking lot, etc.

Jessubond is a professional traffic cone manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including hospital dome mirror, dome safety mirror, stainless steel convex mirror, and more.

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