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Our reflective mirror is equipped with a special reflective tape, which has high reflective coefficient and can be clearly seen at night, so our product can effectively alert driver and avoid traffic accident. Galvanized steel installation parts enable the product to be adjusted 360 degrees freely. High quality PP or PMMA lens can produce the clearest visual effect. Our superior PP mirror back, which is resistant to high and low temperature and ultraviolet radiation, prolongs the life span of the mirror greatly.

Sample is available, and delivery date is fifteen days. We will deliver our goods after we have received deposit or confirmed order. The shipping port is Shanghai, so transportation can be quite convenient. Besides, detailed installation manual is available.

Our product is equipped with a convex mirror, which can provide imaging of a wide range of scenery and broaden user' visual range. Our product provides clear image, without any distortion, so customer can clearly understand situation around. The product helps avoid traffic accident by broadening visual range, so it is can be used in intersection or entrance of hospital, park, school, factory, parking lot, etc. Our reflective mirror has many types, such as round, square, and so on. Each type of the product has abundant choices of sizes, and customers can choose appropriate products according to road width and visual sense. Moreover, our mirror lens is made of PMMA, so the image is clear and the product is resistant to weather and aging. Besides, the edge adopts attractive color to warn pedestrians.

Jessubond is an experienced reflective mirror manufacturer based in China. Our products include safety fence, inspection mirror, full view mini mirror, anti-theft convex mirror, and much more.

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