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Indoor Convex Mirror Indoor Convex Mirror Indoor Convex Mirror

Indoor convex mirror has several optional materials to make the back, namely ABS, FRP, and metal. Due to the galvanized steel installation parts, the product can be adjusted 360 degrees freely. The edge banding, made of aluminum alloy, promises good sealing and steady lens. Moreover, high quality PP or PMMA lens can produce the clearest visual effect. Besides, installation manual is available. Our product is widely used in places like parking lot, garage, school, storage, and factory, etc.

Indoor convex mirror is able to provide much larger visual range than ordinary observation way. Distance and clearness of the scenery and people can be well kept. Installed in library, supermarket, and factory, our product provides convenience for manager's observation. The models of our product range from KLCI-0030 to KLCI-0100, and convex mirror diameters of them vary from 30cm to 100cm. This series of products can provide different visual ranges and meet customers' specific requirements.

The lens is made of 2mm PMMA or PC, so the product is light, tough, and can resist light shock. Mirror back of most products is made of light ABS material, which is featured with excellent shock resistance, high surface hardness, good corrosion resistance, and good insulating quality, so it can effectively protect the lens. Moreover, KLCI-0100 product, the largest one in our indoor convex mirror series, adopts special back, which is made of reinforced fiberglass plastic, so it can protect the product in a better way.

Detailed Information

Model no. Size Lens Material Mirror back material
KLCI-0030 Diameter 30cm 2.0mm acrylic or PC ABS
KLCI-0045 Diameter 45cm 2.0mm acrylic or PC ABS
KLCI-0060 Diameter 60cm 2.0mm acrylic or PC ABS
KLCI-0080 Diameter 80cm 2.0mm acrylic or PC ABS
KLCI-0100 Diameter 100cm 2.0mm acrylic or PC Reinforced fiberglass plastic

As an experienced indoor convex mirror manufacturer and supplier in China, Jessubond provides a wide range of products that includes wide angle dome mirror, speed hump, traffic cone, stainless steel convex mirror, and more.

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