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Stainless Steel Convex Mirror

Stainless steel convex mirror is perfect for industrial and outdoor situations where vandalism is a problem, or where extreme weather is not experienced. This heavy duty product is unbreakable, tough, and durable, so it can withstand hard knocks and projectile objects like rocks. Mirror face is made of 304 gauge highly polished stainless steel, which is used to provide clear reflection without distortion.

Moreover, the product is equipped with a fully adjustable wall mounting bracket, which is easy to install and can adjust the mirror to the ideal position. Optional pole mounting accessories are available, but wall mounting screws are not included. Our product is used in vandal prone area, driveway, car park, and security checkpoint, and can be used for industrial safety, outdoor security around buildings, and border control, etc.

Our stainless steel convex mirror can be installed at road corner or entrance to broaden driver's visual field and avoid traffic accident. The product can also be used in warehouse and supermarket to help administrator see dead angle clearly and prevent theft effectively. Made of stainless steel, the product is shock resistant, so it can protect mirror face efficiently. Moreover, the stainless steel housing will not get rusty even after long-term use, so it is always smooth and artistic.

The product has an orange cap on its top, which is used to attract people's attention. Furthermore, the cap can prevent the product from rainstorm and burning sun in some degree, so life span of the product can be prolonged. Our stainless steel convex mirror has two types, namely KLBCA-0060 and KLBCA-0080, diameters of which are respectively 60cm and 80cm, so customers can choose their favorite products according to their specific requirements.

As a China-based stainless steel convex mirror manufacturer and supplier, our company offers a broad range of products, including anti-theft convex mirror, parking lock, convex security mirror, decorative mirror, and much more.

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