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As a professional plastic convex mirror manufacturer, our company can customize all kinds of mirrors according to customers' specific requirements. Our major products include convex mirror, reflective mirror, anti-theft mirror, and dome mirror etc. Meanwhile, our company is an agent of many internationally renowned brands of reflective sheeting, such as 3M, AVERY, and TONGMING, etc. We have also developed accessories of reflective sheeting, namely letter cutter and scraping board. Besides, we are buying agent of road safety materials, such as road stud, safety barrier, safety fence, and so forth.

Supplied with a whole set of installation accessories, outdoor convex mirror and reflective mirror have special mirror lens, made of high quality PMMA or PC, and can be applied to visual dead angle of road, community, and garage entrance, etc. Anti-theft mirror and dome mirror also have special mirror lens, made of high quality PMMA, and whole set of installation accessories, and these two products can be used in places like shopping mall, supermarket, store, school, hospital, warehouse, office, and garage, etc. Armed with reflective mirror, turning wheel, flashlight, and expandable handle, inspection mirror can be used to check top and bottom of vehicle.

Designed for indoor and outdoor decoration, decorative mirror has an attractive film coating, which is made of PMMA in all colors. Our economical and high strength reflective sheeting reaches project level and diamond class, and can be applied to road reflective facility and advertisement, and so on. Letter cutter is designed for reflective sheeting lettering, and scraping board is for reflective sheeting paste. Road stud, traffic cone, safety barrier, and safety fence are road safety facilities, while warning traffic pole, traffic cone bar, protective wall corner guard, parking lock, and speed hump belong to traffic safety supplies.

We have professionally produced mirror for twelve years, so our mirror face workmanship is extremely mature. We have advantages over our competitors in terms of mirror face modeling, smoothness, imaging, and flanging, etc. Moreover, we adopt anti-UV and anti-aging materials, which will greatly prolong life span of the mirror.

We also have strict product quality control system. We conduct quality inspection on every batch of raw material, and we make sample to test adhesive force of aluminum film before bulk production. Furthermore, our workers will check reflectivity of each mirror after aluminizing, and feed back to workshop director and QC department if quality problem emerges. In addition, our QC department will conduct spot check.